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You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve studied, revised, rehearsed, crammed and prepared. You’ve been tested, examined, scrutinised and inspected. You’ve fought off tough competition and earned a spot to further your education. Deciding on where you should live should be easy. Luckily, the StudentDorms.com team is here to help!

We are an independent aggregator of student halls that are continually striving to make the decision for students of where to live as easy as possible. Through operator managed content and user generated reviews, we seek to provide an impartial resource for students that helps lift the veil on the plethora of options available. Helping students find the accommodation option that is right for them.

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With over 165 buildings (and counting!) covering 30,000+ beds, StudentDorms.com has something for everyone

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Reviews from previous residents give you the inside knowledge to make the decision that is right for you

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